Our tribute to Ray Guillery

Everyone at Barton Community Association feels privileged and honoured that Ray made the decision to come and live amongst us during his last few years.

He gave us so much – his time, his knowledge, his generosity but most of all we benefitted from his wisdom. He changed the way we thought about so many aspects of everyday life, and more specifically Ray became heavily engaged in debate about the new development and the impact it would have on existing residents. He challenged many of the ideas and decisions taken by the developers, and his suggestion of the linear park being named “Barton`s Park” has been adopted and will be a lifelong reminder of Ray`s input into this important element of the changes affecting Barton. Everything Ray gave us was unconditional and for that we shall be forever grateful.

We at Barton Community Association, and those who have directly benefitted from Rays involvement with us, will remember him for many things but especially his humility and kindness shown to those around him. We will remember him with respect and fondness as well as his mischievous sense of humour. The twinkle in his eye always made us smile. On a personal note I always valued our email exchanges, and I learnt a great deal from him. He made me truly understand the real value of education and how important it is to help and support those around us. Thank you Ray for helping me to help others.

Ray, thank you for being such an integral part of our lives and for inspiring us to bring about change to improve the quality of life for everyone living in the village of Barton.

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