Barton Park

On this page (Project Updates) we will be providing you with regular updates regarding the new housing development.  Further information from the developers can be found at the website below:

Job opportunities

Barton Oxford LLP wants to recruit within the local community. Fill out your details on their website to let them know you are interested.



How we are influencing developments at Barton Park
BICEP stands for Barton Integration and Community Engagement Partnership. This group will be meeting every six weeks to discuss all of the issues that will affect existing Barton in regard to the new development and how we can best integrate the new and the existing communities. We will be posting the minutes from each meeting here on this page so that you know exactly how the development is progressing.  We’ll also post photographs as the development gets under way and grows towards completion.
BICEP Meeting Dates  are as follows and start at 10am:

3 May
5 July
6 September
1 November

All meetings start at 10am and are held at Barton Neighbourhood Centre in the Barton Community Partnership meeting room on the ground floor.

Currently only members of the Partnership can attend, however if you would like to attend or would like an issue discussed at the meeting please contact Sue Holden or Locality Officer Azul Strong at or call 01865 252033.

For more information about Barton Park, please visit