Some of you may be aware that here at Barton Community Association we have been working on our plans for a summer school to operate alongside the playscheme this August. We know that children who are already at greatest disadvantage educationally have been the hardest hit by the school closures and this is likely to lead to increasing educational inequality which is why we think it’s important for us to run a summer school. We have set up a working group with Oxford City Council, St Mary’s Church and both Bayards and Sandhills primary schools and just this week appointed a project manager to oversee both the ‘school’ and ‘playscheme’ aspects of the project to ensure they work seamlessly together and provide the best experience for the children attending.

Details such as which children will be invited to attend are still being worked on, along with how many children can attend. Those children who attend will take part in both the school and playscheme elements and it will be fun! As you can imagine, this would be quite a task in normal times, but with coronavirus it is extremely complicated. As and when we have more details, we will let you know.

This is where you can help. We are still looking for funding for the summer school (Oxford City Council are funding the playscheme element), so we would be really grateful if you could share Sue’s video

and this Go Fund Me link, If you are able to make a donation of any size, it will help and we would really appreciate it. If you know of anyone or any businesses/organisations which might be able to help with funding, please put them in touch with Sue. Sue can be contacted on 07866 460446 or email

Thank you!

Office Space Available

Are you looking for some office space?

From 1st October 2019 we will have 4 office available at very reasonable rents.

They include: – electric, gas, water and business rates.

Office situated on the first floor in a secured area not accessible to the general public.

For further information, details  or viewings please contact Sue Holden on 07866460446 or email