Meet the Team

BCA Staff Team
Sue Holden – Company Secretary
Sharon Keene – Senior Administrator
Maura Emberton – Cleaner/Caretaker
Mandy Ayres – Eatwells Cafe Supervisor
Tanya Field – Administrator
Clayton Lavallin – Fundraiser & Hands On News
Emma Webster – Eatwells Cafe Assistant and Art Club Supervisor


Volunteer Staff Team
Rod Shepherd – Job Club
Dan Farley – Job Club
Andy Hougham – Job Club
Chris Gerkin – Lunch Club and Bingo Co-ordinator
Rachel Farley – Tuesday baby and toddler Stay & Play sessions
Bethany Hougham – Tuesday baby and toddler Stay & Play sessions

Trustees and Advisors


I have lived in Barton for nearly 5 years. My wife Marion and I have 2 grown up children, Dan and Naomi. I work as a minister of Headington Baptist Church which supports the Barton Community Church that was started 6 years ago. I believe community is important and worth working for. I sit on the BICEP group which looks at the integration of our community with the new Barton estate, and I chair the group which organises the Headington FunDay in Bury Knowle Park in July. Barton has a great deal going for it, and many residents have lived here for a long time and made Barton what it is. Being the “new boy” I hope I can do something useful by being a BCA trustee.


I live locally to Barton and a volunteer worker in the community supported by Emmanuel Church Oxford. I feel privileged to be a Trustee of Barton Community Association and being part of a team responsible for Job Club:Barton weekly meetings.
My background in the corporate publishing sector as a Board Director and running my own businesses, gives me an opportunity to now share my skills and experiences in supporting the growth of BCA for the benefit of local residents. It is very important to me that we enable all who are seeking work opportunities and financial independency. My commitment is to see Barton an even better place to live as part of a larger integrated, vibrant community.


I am a local resident of Barton since 2009 and quickly became involved in the community as part of the Barton Children’s Project. As these activities eventually became absorbed into the BCA during this process I became a trustee. I’m also a co-founder of Job Club: Barton as well as part of the Christmas Wonderland working team. My wife Rachel and I are proud to be raising a family (two boys and counting …) in Barton and feel more part of a community here than we did elsewhere in Oxford. Our house will be very close to the new planned development, and we`re looking forward to seeing new amenities in Barton that will benefit everyone. I am a research scientist working for 10 years at a Bio-tech company on the Science Park.


I lived in Barton for 24 years, and during that time have been a trustee of Barton Community Association. More recently I have moved, but continue to have interests in the area which I still consider to be “home”. I write regularly for Hands on News and am very interested in local issues. These include the new development, which I wish to see taking account of existing Barton`s wishes and needs, and to make sure that the two areas will be well integrated into one, supportive community.


I have lived in Barton for just over five years, moving here from London where I worked in Government. Both here and where I used to live I’ve tried to get involved in the local community because I became convinced I should make a positive contribution where I live. I’ve been a parent governor at Bayard’s Hill School and am a member of the Parochial Church Council at St. Mary’s Church as well as being a BCA trustee. I am interested in a number of local issues, and attend some of the Council hearings concerning the new Barton development.


I have been a BCA trustee since 2003, with much of that time as Honorary Treasurer. I really like the BCA’s activities, and have had a focus on advocacy and housing developments and S106 monies, as well as the wider strategy of engagement of the BCA with its stakeholders and partners. I currently work in the Examination Schools of Oxford University. I have lived in Barton since 2000.


I have lived in Barton for the last 7 years having moved to Oxford from London some 40 years ago. I have been privileged to be involved with BCA for about five years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Now retired I previously worked locally as a residential housing warden and when I retired went to Ruskin to study Politics, Economics and Sociology and where I served as Student Union President. I now help to run the monthly Swap-shop (part of Low Carbon Barton). I really recommend getting involved with these local groups. We can genuinely make a difference by helping to improve life in Barton, and at the very least it keeps the brain ticking over.


I have been involved with BCA both as an employee and a volunteer for over fifty years. I started way back in 1964 when I “temporarily” covered for the then cleaner who was having hysterectomy, and the rest is history! I currently run the Tuesday night Bingo sessions that are going from strength to strength, and we have recently welcomed many new faces each week. I also co-ordinate the Wednesday Community Lunch Club ably assisted by a group of committed volunteers. I have been a trustee for several years, and I hold the position of Lifetime President of Barton Community Association.


I have lived in Barton for 12 years with my daughter, and moved here to make a fresh start. I decided very quickly to utilise my time whilst my daughter was at school by volunteering and offering my skills and experience within a community I knew little about. My first role was within the I.T Hub giving greater access to computers by offering longer opening hours. I was then offered a job as Administrator within the Oxfordshire Learning Communities Project, and this led on to my appointment as Co-ordinator of the Project. I have always been committed to supporting community development within Barton, and have held many roles including that of a youth worker.
I have been a trustee of the Association for four years and am particularly interested in the wellbeing and educational attainment of the children and young people in Barton. I have completed a BA Hons Degree at Ruskin College and I am a strong believer that no matter what kind of difficulties you face with the support of a caring community positive change can happen.


Me and my wife Bethany moved onto Barton in 2011 and our son was born in July 2016.
We’re both enjoying living here, we like the community feel which is heightened by the fact the area is a bit physically separated from the rest of the city.  Even in the short time we’ve been here we think the estate is going up and getting better.
I help out at the job club where I’ve met many fellow ‘Bartonions’ and I’ve also been on the working group for the Christmas Wonderland events.
I work at a firm which profiles and forecasts populations and catchments for councils and developers, other times for retailers or digital billboard owners.
I hope any support or contribution I can make to the Barton Community Association will lead to the needs and wants of this community being voiced and addressed. The community association belongs to those who it represents, whatever their circumstances. I’ve been a trustee since January 2016- it’s a privilege. I want people to be proud to live here.

If you would like to get in touch / contact the trustees please contact Sharon on her email address  or office number 01865 761987 and she will pass on your details to the trustees and ask them to contact you direct.