DNA Dance Invitation

DNA Dance Invitation: Do you want to get moving, connect with people and learn something new at the same time? If so, we have just the project for you! At the Oxford University Physics Department we are looking for people to help us create new dance performances inspired by our DNA Origami research.

What does the project involve?

We are running a series of four online dance and movement classes led by a professional movement artist. At the beginning of each session, you will be introduced to an element of DNA Origami research by one of our scientists. Then, with the online support of the movement artist, you will use your own perspectives, experiences and creativity to reimagine the research through devising and performing a dance interpretation of it. After the four online classes, you will share your creation in a dynamic online performance, which will be a chance to celebrate our combined achievements. We will record this performance and edit it alongside our research work to create a short art/science fusion film. You’ll join each session with other members of your community association or school, so this will also be a chance to connect, learn and have fun together.

What do we hope to achieve from this project?
Most importantly we hope that people feel happier and healthier by taking part in this project, not just through the physical activity that dance provides, but also through the chance to work together in community groups, promoting social inclusion, providing an outlet for creative expression, learning new skills and increasing your knowledge of science and dance. So if everyone is having fun, learning and connecting with each other then we count that as success! For us, the icing on the cake is having a video at the end which celebrates and showcases everyone’s input so we can spread the word.

When is this happening?
We hope to run the sessions between 18th May and 29th June. Each session will be run at the same time and day each week, at a time agreed with your community group leader or school teacher. We will then edit the video and share it with you all once it’s finished.

How much does this cost?
It won’t cost you anything to take part, and no experience in dance or science is required. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a camera, and some free time to learn and have fun with us.

What is DNA Origami?
Our researchers have repurposed DNA from a biological molecule into a structure to hold nanoelectrodes. It gets called “origami” because the technique involves folding strands of DNA to create extremely small structures. Using DNA for this means we can create tiny, efficient circuits, and this could revolutionise how electronics are built.

Who should I contact to confirm my place or for further information?
Please contact Lena Shams, Outreach Project Officer at Oxford Physics lena.shams@physics.ox.ac.uk

or sue@bartoncommunityassociation.com to secure your place.

For full infomation download please click DNA Dance Invitation for Participants