Oxford Physics Family Christmas Lecture

We are very excited about the upcoming activities, they are jam packed with interactive fun! We have given an age range as a guide, however everyone is welcome. Please see below for more details.
Oxford Physics Family Christmas Lecture – Virus Factory!
When: Thursday 10th December, 6:00pm (GMT)
Where: Online – Zoom Webinar
What: We’ve all been hearing a lot about viruses over the past several months, but just how much do we understand about them? What exactly do viruses do once they get inside our cells? And why do we care? Join us for an exciting and interactive online lecture as we take a closer look at how viruses ‘hijack’ our cells and turn them into their own personal ‘virus factories’, and personally contribute to some cutting-edge scientific research in the process! Jam packed with interactive fun! Tell us what you think via live polling, create live word clouds with the whole audience, and look at some real scientific data to help us hunt and classify viruses.
Audience: Family friendly – ages 7+ yrs
Booking: Free event. Registration is required for this event; please register here. Zoom details for the event will be sent to registered attendees after registration has closed.
More information: Visit bit.ly/physicschristmas
Quantum Materials Winter Workshop: Crystal Crafts
When: Saturday 12th December, 3:00pm (GMT)
Audience: Family Friendly – the science will be at KS2+ level (+7years), but younger children may enjoy the crafts
Round of the school term by joining us for some themed arts and crafts, and learn a little bit about crystals along the way! All you will need is some paper (colours encouraged!), scissors, tape, and glue. Other decorative add-ons, e.g. glitter, optional! More information available here, please register here.
Save the Date: Virtual ‘Stargazing’ event
When: Thursday 28th January 2021 from 3pm-9pm.
Our annual Stargazing event will go online this year. More details available soon.
Details of all upcoming events can be found here: https://www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/events