Meeting Timetable

Barton Community Partnership
The Community Partnership works with residents and partners to achieve its vision to: ‘Make Barton an even better place to live for all’ a reality.
Mondays at 6pm
23 March
15 June,
14 September
14 December

Barton Integration and Community Engagement Partnership (BICEP)
Forum to discuss community engagement and integration of existing Barton and Barton Park.
Tuesdays at 10am
3 May
5 July
6 September
1 November

Youth Partnership
Understanding the needs of our young people and delivering engagement activities.
Tuesdays at 11am.
22 March
24 May
12 July
27 September
22 November

Health and Wellbeing Partnership
Focusing on the prevention of illness through promoting healthier lifestyles.
Tuesdays at 1.30pm.
8 March
10 May
12 July
13 September
8 Nov

Learn to Earn Partnership
Improving educational attainment and increasing participation in community learning.
Wednesdays at 1pm
16 March
13 July
14 September
14 December

Housing and Environment Partnership
Understanding the housing needs of residents and tenants whilst improving our green spaces.
Wednesdays at 1pm apart from
4 May
6 July
7 September
2 November

All meetings except the Youth Partnership take place in Barton Neighbourhood Centre in the
Community Partnership meeting room. Youth Partnership meetings take place in the Barry Holden
Boardroom at the Neighbourhood Centre.

Spring Walkabout
18 March, 2pm, at BNC
An opportunity for residents to walk around Barton with Council officers,
community representatives and elected members to identify any issues in Barton, this could include
ASB or fly tipping hotspot, vegetation over growth or just a litter spot.