The BCA’s mission statement is

To improve the quality of life for all residents of Barton

We can provide support in relation to a number of different topics such as what’s going on in and around Barton, what activities are taking place at the centre and what events are planned for the coming year.

We also provide specialist support for people seeking help with finding work, those looking for training or educational courses and people who are thinking of setting up their own small business.

The Barton Community Association (BCA) has approximately 400 members who pay a nominal £1 annual membership fee. Established in 1946, it became a registered charity in 1966 and a not‐for‐profit Company in 2003.

Our Commitments

Provide a voice

for local people

Be Independent

and committed to democratic principles

Provide services

for local people

Initiate projects

and respond to local need

Build partnerships

with other organisations & groups

Provide a strong local network

of people and organisations

Engage and encourage people

to become active in their community

Membership to the Barton Community Association

Anyone can become a member of the BCA, but only people who live within the BCA`s defined ‘area of benefit’ can be full voting members. The area of benefit is also important in determining the focus of BCA benefits and services. In 2016 BCA increased its area of benefit to include the area of Barton Park.


The long‐term success of the BCA is dependent on the election and retention of a small
number of competent volunteers to act as trustees. The trustees have general
management and control of the affairs and assets of the charity. Because the BCA is both
a charity and a company limited by guarantee the organisation is subject to both charity
and company law.

Full BCA Reports

Also please find a full copy of our BCA Annual Reports which can be viewed and downloaded here

What's On @ Barton Neighbourhood Centre

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