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Membership to the Barton Community Association


Anyone can become a member of the BCA, but only people who live within the BCA’s defined ‘area of benefit’ can be full voting members. The area of benefit is also important in determining the focus of BCA benefits and services. In 2016 BCA increased its area of benefit to include the area of Barton Park.

“Barton is defined as the area of the city of Oxford that comprises all residences, non‐residences, roads and green spaces including, and leading from, that part of the Bayswater Road that runs between Headington Roundabout and Bayswater Bridge, as well asthe new development, including and leading from Barton Fields Road, Barton, which is part of Headington, is bounded by the Oxford suburbs of Sandhills, Risinghurst, Northway and Marston, with South Oxfordshire to the north.”

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