Arch - Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire

260 Reading Helpers who give their time generously to support the literacy and communication skills of 800 children in 120 Oxfordshire primary schools each year.

Bullingdon Community Association

The Bullingdon Community Centre provides a home for a range of activities and services for residents of the Lye Valley and Churchill wards of Oxford. It is run by a group of local residents, the Bullingdon Community Assocation (BCA), and is concerned to promote the well-being of everyone living in Lye Valley and Wood Farm.

Hedena Health

Including the Surgery at Barton Centre, Hedna Health are a group of health centres in NE Oxford positioned to serve the local communities.

CAP Life Skills

CAP Life Skills is a friendly group that will give you the confidence and decision-making skills needed to live on a low income. You’ll learn practical money saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget and making money go further.

Beautiful Barton

A group set up by Barton Residents for Barton Residents and others to celebrate the beauty of Barton.

The people who live here know what a secret gem Barton is.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Oxford City Council’s ASB Service internet pages (Anti Social Behaviour)

Anti-social behaviour information, advice and support for the local area. Find out how ASB can be tackled and how you can report it.

OCC Community Response Team

The CRT work closely with our Anti-social Behaviour Investigation Team and carry out investigatory actions for their ASB case management.

Specific page for ASBIT (Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team)

The Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team deal with more complex and serious incidents.

ASBIT Twitter

The official Twitter Page for Oxford’s Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation Team
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