Directors & Trustees

Sue Holden

I joined BCA as a volunteer trustee back in 2002 and became Company Secretary in 2004 when I was promised “We just need a name to put on the Constitution, it wont involve any work, just the occasional signature”. Twenty years later BCA forms a very important part of my life as I truly believe in what the Association stands for – giving a voice to each and every one of our residents, everyone who is part of our community. And behind everything we do our aim is to improve the quality of life for everyone. I am a great believer in providing opportunities for those of us who want to experience independence, progress and success. Through BCA I have been able to give back all the support I have received over the years.

Pippa Gwillam

I lived in Barton for 24 years, and during that time have been a trustee of Barton Community Association. More recently I have moved, but continue to have interests in the area which I still consider to be “home”. I wrote regularly for Hands on News and am very interested in local issues. These include the new development, which I wish to see taking account of existing Barton`s wishes and needs, and to make sure that the two areas will be well integrated into one, supportive community.

Simon Heap

I have lived in Barton since 2000 and been a BCA trustee since 2003, with much of that time as Honorary Treasurer. I really like the BCA’s activities, as well as the wider strategy of engagement with its stakeholders and partners. I have a focus on representation, advocacy and local housing developments and S106 monies. I currently work at Oxford Brookes University and walk the couple of miles to and from work – with an occasional Bus Number 8 when needed!

Sharon Gellatly

I have lived on Barton for over 10 years and I work as a Property Manager for a Housing Association. Working full time I did not realise what amazing work was carried out by the Community Centre until Covid struck and I used the food bank and found out the work and commitment from the Staff and volunteers.
This gave me the incentive to become involved as a Trustee after attending the yearly AGM for the first time.
My Interest and enthusiasm is to promote and help at all Community Events for all of Barton and the growing Community as I believe the Spirit of a community is from the people themselves and coming together as one

Katy Cockram

I am from Oxford and have lived in Barton since 2017.
I worked as a teaching assistant for 10 years, supporting children with additional needs in mainstream primary and special schools. Before that I taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Poland, Russia, Oxford and London. I lived in Poland for 4 years and can speak Polish. I have worked for the Civil Service since 2021.
Community spirit is very important to me and I have really enjoyed getting to know Barton residents by volunteering on local projects and at the Community Larder.
I am the volunteer for community safety because I am a strong believer in safe, caring, supportive communities. With this in mind, I set up and run the Safer Barton Risinghurst and Sandhills Facebook page and group. You can find me at the Community Safety Information stall at the Barton Bash and Risinghurst fete. I am proud to have been able to share my experience and skills in project-managing the Barton Underpass Community Mural Project and Barton Art Wall Street Art Project. I feel privileged to be a Trustee of the Barton Community Association


Rodney Shepherd

My involvement with Barton Community Centre as a volunteer and as a member of the BCA Board of Directors spans over a decade or more. Although not a resident of Barton, the community has become like a second home and always admiring the diversity and inclusiveness of the local residents and the wider community.

With a career in corporate leadership within the publishing sector, continuing charitable work overseas and as a leader in a local community church, my desire is to see the renewing and wellbeing of local communities with a future hope. My commitment is to see Barton being an even better place to live, work and enjoy life as members of a thriving, caring community for the common good of all.

Phil Patrick

I’ve lived in Barton all my life, and I love this community. I’m a martial arts professional, teaching pupils from age 4 to adult in clubs, schools and other venues across Oxfordshire. I took over the martial arts club at Barton Neighbourhood Centre when I was 18, and am still at it 22 years later! Thanks to the BCA there is a rich variety of activities for children and adults available to Barton residents, and I’m proud to be a member, helping to support and take part in these.

Chris Richmond

I have lived in Oxford for more than 20 years and moved to Barton from the neighbouring Sandhills estate in 2018. I literally stumbled across the Community Larder while recuperating from a bout of illness in 2020 and have been volunteering there ever since, delivering food parcels, helping set up the Larder each week and baking cakes for the Larder cafe. From such humble beginnings I got involved in other aspects of Barton community life, helping to plan events such as the Picnic in the Park and Halloween and Christmas parties with the Environment Sub Committee and ultimately joined the board of the Barton Community Association. 
I am a long-time journalist and freelance writer but now work for the charity Age UK Oxfordshire. I am
 a parent of one son (Tom), one cat (Pixel) and around 200,000 bees (all called Agnes or Barney, as appropriate, apart from the queens).

Our Staff

Mandy Parsons

Centre Manager

I started in Eatwells Café as a volunteer in March 2011 and then went on to supervise/manage the café. My current position is Centre Manager.

I love my job as its sometimes challenging but always rewarding. The best part is that no two days are ever the same so boredom is not an option

Tanya Field

Community Development Manager


I started with BCA in 2016 helping out with general admin.  After Covid I helped establish the Larder and now manage our 30 Larder and Library volunteers.  

On Tuesdays you can find me in the Larder and on Wednesday, I’m usually in the office.  


Sharon Keene

Senior Caretaker & Cleaner

Sherrie Neil

Larder Coordinator & Caretaker

I started with BCA in 2022 initially helping with cleaning and caretaking before helping in the Larder.  After learning the ropes in the larder, I now manage the weekly set up and stock alongside some caretaking. 




I’m Gemma, you may have seen me grow up around barton as I’ve lived here all my life alongside my family. I’m a mum to a gorgeous little boy who you will see with me most of the time. I enjoy being part of the BCA family and look forward to meeting many new faces. 


Youth & Community Education Worker

Our Councillors

Cllr Mike Rowley

City Councillor

It’s been a privilege to represent Barton and Sandhills on the City Council since 2010. All that time the BCA has been at the heart of the community: meeting the various day-to-day needs of residents, helping to overcome isolation and disadvantage, and making sure local voices are heard. I’ll continue to do all I can to support the BCA’s vital work.

Cllr Glynis Phillips

County Councillor

I was first elected as an Oxfordshire County Councillor in 2013 to represent the division of Barton, Sandhills & Risinghurst. My priority is to support these communities by speaking out about the issues that matter to residents. I support the work done by the BCA and the tangible benefits they bring meeting the needs of vulnerable residents in Barton Park and the existing Barton community.

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